Weekend Pupdate

Saturday is dog park day around here, and Nelson has joined Galen for the last 2 weeks at the H.O.T. Dog Park. Last week there weren’t any other early risers there, but Nelson enjoyed sniffing around and peeing on all of the bushes and trees. This week he met a couple of giants: a mastiff and a great Dane mix. Nelson accepted the role of fun police while Galen played chase-and-tackle with the mastiff. Fortunately, neither dog was concerned about Nelson trying to stop the play. Aside from his fun-policing, Nelson successfully begged pets from the other dogs’ owners and hung out pretty close to me. He’d probably be a great camping and hiking dog- he always checks in once he gets a certain distance away.


Head over to the MARCPets website or Facebook page to view all of our available pets and learn how to adopt Nelson or one of his friends.


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