And so it Begins…

Nelson came home from the doc yesterday morning pretty sore from his last injection. He was a little subdued for most of the day, but after about 36 hours he’s basically back to normal. And in typical dog fashion, not understanding the gravity of the situation, wanted to play with Galen this morning and has no idea why he doesn’t get to go on walks. One of the things I’m bummed about with the crate rest is that we don’t get much of a chance to practice passing people and dogs calmly. He’s up to over a week now of seeing people and not barking at them! Dogs get a whine sometimes, but it’s much less of an event than three weeks ago. For the next 28-ish days (but who’s counting?) he’ll be getting lots of hand-to-fur time and low-key mental games (more on that next time).




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