Home At Last!

Well, Nellie finally went and found his permanent home. After a lot of interest, out of which nothing concrete came, he finally had his first meet and greet last Monday. Although he was a bit wary of someone different in my apartment (I don’t really have people over…like ever), he warmed up and found his way into a home! His adopter wanted to gather supplies and meet with her vet before bringing him home, so he waited a couple of days before heading to his new home. Based on the picture I received from his adopter, he looks like he’s fitting in great already!

Paperwork complete!

Already friends!

Already friends!








The house was a little uncomfortably quiet without him for a couple days, but Galen and I have adjusted.  I think Galen misses him a little bit, as he’s been spending a lot of time in the crate that was formerly Nelson’s.

I plan on pulling a new foster at the end of this week (once my teaching duties are complete), so stay tuned!


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