Say ‘Hey’ to Garnet!

Name: Garnet
Nicknames: stay tuned!
Age: 1.5 years
Breed: Australian Kelpie x Shepherd
Garnet in two Words: Stay tuned!

A few weeks ago, MARC got a call from the Corsicana shelter that one of our dogs, Garnet, was there with no one to get her out. Garnet was adopted as a fluffy lil puppy about a year ago, and of course someone immediately went to retrieve her. The stories surrounding how she ended up in the shelter are pretty cloudy, and despite gaining a couple scars in her time away, she has retained a deep love for people, especially small ones.

She was a bit tentative letting Galen too close (any dog that can handle his overbearing, socially inept greeting is abnormally tolerant), but is comfortable with him on the other side of a baby gate. She’s a bit anxious about not being glued to a person’s side at the moment, so we’ll work on self-confidence and give some supplements to help with the stress (L-theanine and valerian were both a part of helping Galen manage separation anxiety and I use Rhodiola Rosea myself).

She’ll hang out in my kitchen for a couple days while I’m home to allow her to get used to how my house works and give Galen some time to adapt to having another dog around. When I first started fostering, I found this wonderful resource, and have had great success applying the outlined principles.


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