(Hopefully) the Quickest Foster Yet

It’s been quite the weekend here with Miss Garnet. Her first night it took about 50 minutes to get her from outside the crate to sleeping in it, and it was a light sleep at best (the one night there are people outside at my complex I have an anxious pup). Anyway, Saturday morning, as you know, is dog park day for Galen. I was pretty sure if I left Garnet she would not be able to deal, so I brought her along and kept her on leash. There were about 5 other dogs there, and they all did exactly what she needed them to- quickly sniff then walk away. She was unsure at first, but definitely submissive and not really tense, which surprised me.

I left to go to the grocery store, and this time it only took 30 minutes to get her calm in the crate. Once again, she surprised me and only made a couple of whines loud enough to trigger my camera to record (I love this camera, BTW. It’s been a huge asset). Because she had previously torn through a few crates, I put some duct tape around the edges and gave her a half dose of Benadryl. She did tear a couple strips of duct tape off, but there were no signs of chewing, so we’ll put that in the win column. Same thing when I went to church this morning. Last night it took about 15 minutes and 6 mg of melatonin for her to fall asleep and she stayed asleep!

Puppy pals

Puppy pals

She has 2 approved applicants, one of whom she met yesterday. She’ll need someone who is dedicated to working through the anxiety with her (which, trust me, is no small thing), so I’m being a bit picky. The absolute last thing we want is for her to be uprooted again. In the meantime, she and Galen have hit it off quite well!

Chewing after morning exercise.


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