Princess Puppy

Looks like giving Garnet (or Princess, as I’ve begun to call her) more space was the answer to her anxiety. The only issues I’ve had in the past couple of days were my fault or not anxiety. The actual anxiety (my fault) happened when I had to run home to grab a couple of things and run back to work. I know I should have waited until she settled back down, but I let the rush get the best of me and my blinds paid the price. She only knocked out a couple of the little side pieces that Galen had previously started. This afternoon the only noise the camera picked up was her chewing on my nosework boxes and a book (I had to forget one temptation). The timing was just right in that she started a few minutes before I was going to be home, so I caught her in the act and was able to correct her. That was also kinda my fault because I forgot to put her Kong out. Usually she works on that and goes to sleep. Once the stupid weather stops being so hellish I can take them on a walk at lunch to decrease the energy remaining for bored puppy destruction.

These two are great together

These two are great together

I also found a food that she actually shows interest in and will take from my hand: boiled chicken. I’ve been stuffing her Kong with a little bit of chicken, some canned food and kibble, and sometimes topping with peanut butter. I’ve been working a little bit on desensitizing her to the door closing and locking, since that was the only part of my leaving routine that made her stressed. I just open and close it a bunch of times and leave it closed for varying short amounts of time (e.g. close-3 sec-open-close-7 sec-open-close-lock-5 sec-unlock-open-close and so on). Seems to be working like a charm, so if her adopter continues that, she should eventually be totally cool with the whole process.


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