All Quiet on the Home Front

It’s been a while since the last Princess/Garnet update, mostly because she’s been basically perfect! I’d forgotten what it’s like to have a dog without anxiety…it’s so refreshing and easy. When I leave, she waits for me to walk out of sight, empties her Kong, then sleeps on the couch or the cool dining room floor. I even left with Galen this morning and she responded the same. She’s also nice to come home to- no crazy frantic jumping and whirling around the house- she just wiggles up to you and rolls over like puppies do (one of my favorite things about the youngins). I found a food that agrees with her digestive system, and that rawhides give her cartoon-level gas (as in, I can almost see the green wavy lines).

Lovin' that couch life

Lovin’ that couch life

We’ll be at Petco in Waco this Saturday from noon to 4, if you’re interested in meeting this easy-to-live-with girl, stop by! If you’re a bit more serious, fill out an adoption application!


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