Some Thoughts for Your Labor Day

Happy Labor Day everyone!

So the Princess left our castle last Thursday, and it was a little weird for a couple minutes. Her absence made me think about some things, so I’d like to share some thoughts on my mentality when it comes to fostering. But first of course, an adoption photo:

Look at how flippin' cute she is!

Look at how flippin’ cute she is!

Alright, so now for some philosophy. When I suggest that people foster one of the most common responses is “I would get too attached.” My primary motivations in fostering were to show Galen how to act with various different energies (and thus make him more balanced), to challenge myself and grow my abilities to read and respond to a variety of personalities and issues, and of course to help save lives and serve my community. So the thought of getting too attached didn’t really cross my mind.

The way I see it, my “job” as a foster is to get each dog as balanced as possible in the time that I have with them. So far (in my whole 3 fosters’ experience), none of my fosters have felt like “my dog,” but rather like I’m preparing them for their future homes. I’m kinda like purgatory between the shelter and a forever home- they’re not meant to stay! I have an idea of what energy and personality I’d like in my next dog, and if I run across that, I think it will be hard for me to let go. It’s a little quiet when they leave (now I know how my mom felt when school started) and my reflex is to dwell on that. But then I look at Galen, who just continues going about his business like nothing has changed, and it’s easy to move forward.

Now I’m preparing myself for our next adventure- more on that very soon!


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