Next Adventure!

Meet Sky!

Age: 9 mo – 1 yr

Nicknames: so far just “mama”

In two words: unsure, submissive

MARC has amazing photographers

MARC has amazing photographers!

Mama Sky came into the shelter with her 6 babies in mid-July. The pups have been weaned and all but 2 have homes waiting to go to once they’re spayed/neutered, and now mom’s looking for a home too. She seems fairly unsocialized in terms of living in the human world. She doesn’t seem to know much about “the good life” of the house dog, but I think she’ll figure it out.

My plan is to get her into our routine of exercise, etc. and she how she does. Then it will be a matter of building confidence and exposing her to as many new things as possible. That’s the plan, but we’ll see how things unfold. For now she’s hanging out in my kitchen, not totally relaxed but at least quietly laying down.


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