Adoption Mania!

What a busy morning! We started with a trip to the dog park, where Sky was awesome. She mostly stuck by me like the loyal cowdog she is, but she did leave to chase Galen around a little bit. There was another dog there, but they ignored each other. Her first big success today was jumping into the car on her own. Historically, she’s had to be picked up, so this is a big victory. She struggled for a sec, but with polite and passive persistence practiced in the proper position (google “45 p’s parelli” for that reference), she hopped right in!

After a quick breakfast we headed out again, because MARC was the featured non-profit at the Waco Downtown Farmer’s Market today, and it was amazing! Three dogs were adopted, including one of Sky’s babies, along with two kittens. Sky and Alexa, another adoptable dog, had some serious interest, so fingers crossed that they’ll be adopted soon too. Hopefully we also pulled in some new fosters.

Pretty in pink

Pretty in pink

Sky did great with the crowds, and eventually started laying down right in the middle of it, where she was most likely to get stepped on. I played traffic cone so she didn’t trip anybody…guess she’s not so unsure about tons of people and dogs milling around anymore. I’ve got an awesome plan in store if she doesn’t leave me before I can complete it, so stay tuned!

She's got a great smile!

She’s got a great smile!



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