Sky’s the Limit

Sky has been doing great. She is a great little companion and more of her funny personality emerges daily (like today when she got the zoomies and had to bounce off the wall because my place is too small to make a turn). She can now keep walking while cars pass, although when loud ones approach from behind she drifts to the end of the leash (that’s a huge improvement over freezing, laying down, or becoming a 40 pound fish on the end of the leash). She’s also started showing interest in toys other than the Nylabone, so maybe there’s hope for fetch yet.

Sneaking to get the tennis ball

Sneaking to get the tennis ball







Since she has that heeler desire to be the center of attention, and therefore tries to hijack Galen’s petting time by getting between us (which I don’t allow for the sake of pack structure and not creating fights), I have started giving her “Sky time” when Galen is looking out the bedroom window before bed. She loves neck scratches so much, as you can see, and this way she gets her reward for being respectful of personal space.


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