Works in Progress

Korey has been doing really well, especially after being spayed (it’s amazing how much hormones affect personality). She now has free run of the bedroom (minus the bed) at night, and usually sleeps on her bed next to mine or in the crate with the door open. She’s doing great otherwise in the house, aside from the occasional attempt to counter surf.  She listens really well in the house and has some hilarious antics (like crawling on her belly and rolling over when she wants to play).

Will it really rain ALL weekend?

Will it really rain ALL weekend?

The major thing I’m working on with her is strange/new dogs. She gets excited and sounds aggressive to people who don’t know dog behavior, but I don’t see any indication of intent to harm in her behavior. She’s not as bad as Galen was at first, and she’s doing really well with dogs at a distance on walks and in the apartment complex. Sometimes she’ll whine a bit, but she hasn’t become a 45 pound kite in the past week or so.

Nothing like a good chew to relieve stress

Nothing like a good chew to relieve stress

Today we went to PetSmart for the Halloween celebration, and that was a challenge, to say the least. Korey wasn’t quite ready for the proximity of the store, so we ended up mostly avoiding, but trying to get closer and stay longer to new dogs without excitement or tension. She wasn’t totally calm, but also wasn’t totally out of control. Basically, she did as well as could be expected given the situation and her level of experience with being in public. I plan to take her more places where she can get experience with dogs and varying distances. I’ll also start teaching “leave it,” since it was very helpful with Galen and is one of the most useful commands to have.

For now Korey is conked out on the couch (and probably will be for the rest of the day).



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