Suprise Foster

Name: Daisy
Age: 10 months
Breed: Heeler x Terrier
Energy Level: High
Nicknames: Daze, Daizzle, Daisy Dazzle, Daisy Duke, Daisy Doo, DooZoo
In two words: Adventurous, adolescent

I wasn’t planning on taking in another foster before moving to start my job, but we had two dogs come back to us, and I became backup for one. Daisy wasn’t fitting in at her primary foster home, so she came to me (this is one reason why we have backup fosters). This little girl came to MARC as an 8 month-old, and when she left she was a pretty well-behaved nice little dog. She was returned and readopted a few times, and came back a complete wild child. It was pretty clear that no one kept up with providing rules, boundaries, and limitations, and Daisy filled in the blanks as well as a high-energy puppy could be expected to.


Nice change of pace to have a dog that likes to snuggle.

I immediately noticed that she was insecure about initially greeting other dogs. She did not want to turn her back to Galen so he could meet her through the baby gate, and got a little ferocious when I stepped in to help. After that was resolved, I decided to have her hang out in the kitchen for a bit longer than most fosters before being out with Galen. That way we could form some rapport and a little respect and communication, and Daisy could start to understand what was expected of her.
The biggest asset for getting Daisy to engage in normal social behavior was the walk. She was so much more relaxed out of the house and traveling somewhere. After a couple days, she and Galen started to play, but definitely didn’t know when to stop. I would break them up when Galen started to get vocal, which is the first warning that he’s getting tired. At first she would keep pestering him, but she figured out that when I say the game is over, it’s over. She can still be obnoxious to him sometimes, but she usually responds to my voice and finds another game (generally fetch). She’s basically set, she just needs to find a human (or group of humans) who will be consistent and structured.
Today we went to the dog park, and she got trounced a couple times, but popped back up and kept playing. I think she could have a full-time job playing.


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