Home is Where the Couch is

Here’s the truth: I’m a homebody at the core. I love routine and ritual. I don’t really have a desire to travel the world (although if someone will just gently force me to tag along, I’d probably go most places). I do thoroughly enjoy hiking/camping/backpacking for the solitude and the time to be mentally still and prayerful. Change and transition are hard for me (got my Myers-Briggs type already?), which is why this past week has been a struggle.  I’ve moved 11 times over the past 7 years: back and forth between college and home, to grad school, and eventually to job training for a short time.
Now I’m moving again and may be moving one more time in a couple months. I gotta admit, I’m ready to stay in one place for a while. Galen has only been through one move so far, and transitioned really well (despite my expectations). Here’s why I think that is:

  1. Routine. Remember that thing I love so much? It’s also really important to dogs. When I moved, I kept the routine as close as possible to what it would be once I started working. Would I have rather slept in? At the time, of course. Am I glad I started shifting my schedule well before the move, because I started work two days after I brought the bulk of my belongings to my new apartment. I woke up, took Galen for his exercise, forced myself to eat breakfast and getting Galen used to the flow of the day.
  2. Attitude. Was I totally un-stressed about my last move? Haha, no. But I didn’t project the anxiety onto Galen. He was just livin’ life, enjoying his daily activities, no idea he was about to do those same things in a new location. As soon as he hit the couch in the new place, he was home.


      Life in limbo: when you move over 3 weekends

I’m very excited to have professional movers for this round, so I can be less stressed about fitting everything in my car in multiple loads…’cause I just don’t have time for that. So here’s to the road ahead!


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