I am a graduate student at Baylor University studying analytical chemistry. Being the child of 2 veterinarians, I grew up with dogs and wanted one of my own when I moved for college. Since I didn’t have any income, and was flying to and from school during undergrad, I waited for 4 years to adopt a dog. At the beginning of my second year of grad school, I adopted Galen, a now 2 and a half year old “Boxapoint” (Boxer x German Shorthair Pointer). He is proof that, as Cesar Millan says, “You don’t get the dog you want, you get the dog you need.” He was overexcited and had separation anxiety, two of the few things I thought I couldn’t deal with in a dog. After having him for several months, I thought he was getting close to a point where I could bring another dog into the mix. Since Galen was fostered through the Humane Society of Central Texas, I wanted to pay it forward by fostering.
good-lookin     When I started seriously looking into fostering, I knew there were a few local organizations that I could work with. My research led me to McLennan Animal Rescue Coalition (MARC), an organization that acts as a last resort for the animals most likely to be euthanized at our heavily burdened local shelter/humane society. As I was reading about their foster program, a couple things really impressed me: 1) the rescue would provide anything I need for the foster, and 2) I would always have a backup foster in case I couldn’t get my foster to an event or appointment, or can’t continue the foster for whatever reason (like the time I left the country for 2 weeks). I have loved becoming a part of this supportive community, and look forward to learning a ton and serving my community!



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